The revolutionary ACE® Salt Water Sanitizing System is based on innovative diamond technology. It uses very low levels of salt in your hot water (about the level of drinking water) to automatically generate the precise amount of natural chlorine and oxidizers needed to keep the water clean (based on spa size and usage level).

Why is the ACE system such a great choice for your spa water care?

Softer, Cleaner Water

The ACE salt water sanitizing system leaves your spa water sparkling clean and silky soft. The cleaners are generated from salt and water so you’re less likely to experience the dry itchy skin, irritated red eyes, or harsh odor of traditional chlorine water care.

Incredibly Simply Water Care

Ace provides nearly hands free maintenance. Because the ACE system generates the exact amount of cleaners your spa needs, you’ll have fewer bottles of product to measure and pour. That means less time is needed to maintain your spa’s water.

It’s Good for the Environment

With the ACE system generating the cleaners you need , you won’t end up with excess chemicals(which can occur when you are manually managing the doses). This means your spa water should last longer between changes, which, in turn, conserves water and saves you money. And, when it’s time to drain your spa water, you’ll find that the water has less impact on the environment because only salt has been added to the balanced water.

ACE Salt Water System