Valet Services

Weekly, Bi-Weekly & Monthly Maintenance Plans

Your hot tub should be a special place for relaxation, not a constant maintenance headache. If you are dealing with a broken hot tub, or spend more time cleaning your hot tub than enjoying it, call Great Atlantic’s care and maintenance experts for help.

Our maintenance plans include and are not limited to the following services:

Water Care Valet Service:

Drain, Clean & Refill Valet Service:

Platinum Service:

Gold Service:

Silver Service:

Bronze Service:

One Time Water Care Valet Service:

One Time Drain, Clean & Refill Valet Service:

For more information and to schedule service, call us or fill out the form.

Great Atlantic will bill Spa Valet Service fees to the customer’s credit card on file.

Fees will be processed on the 25th of the month prior to Platinum, Gold, Silver & Bronze Services being performed and 1-2 business days prior to One Time Valet Services being performed.

Prepayment of an entire year’s service plan will qualify for a 10% discount on the listed plan price (excluding One Time Valet Service options).

The Spa Valet service contract will renew automatically unless the customer notifies Great Atlantic of changes or cancellation in writing via email to:

The Spa Valet service does not include any repair or maintenance of any spa parts, plumbing, controls or other service that would normally be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty or performed by a spa technician.

*Water care products are not provided. If customer chooses to have any water care products or accessories delivered to their home when their Spa Valet Service is performed, the charges

**Hot Tub will be refilled using the customer’s supplied water source unless otherwise specified. Spa must be in good working condition, free of debris and algae (not green). If not, customer will need to purchase and apply CleanStart for 24 hours prior to scheduled service date.

Please note that our Spa Valet services are  only available in select areas of southeastern Virginia.

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