Health Benefits – Pool and Swim Spa/Fitness Pools

Of all our hydrotherapeutic products, pools are the more well known. Even though we live in an area surrounded by water and great beaches, you’ll notice that pools remain a popular fixture in many Hampton Roads homes. They give us a great way to cool off from our infamous summer heat and humidity, providing us with numerous ways to maintain health activity lifestyles and social relationships.

According to the CDC, swimming is the fourth most popular sports activity in the United States. All it takes is two and a half hours of aerobic exercise in a pool and you can decrease the risk of chronic disease. In addition, people who swim have half the risk of premature death when compared with those who lead sedentary, inactive lifestyles.

CDC research has also found that many people enjoy water-based exercise instead of land exercising. They report that regular water exercisers report being able to exercise longer in water than on land – “without increased effort or joint” and/or muscle pain.

The power of a liquid to keep something afloat is called “buoyancy”. Step into a pool and – joila! – your body weighs 90% less due to water’s buoyant nature. Immediately, you’ll feel your muscles relaxing as stress and pain drift away. This powerful property is the perfect answer for people suffering from musculoskeletal injuries, arthritis and conditions such as chronic pain and fatigue. Regular floating and swimming in a pool can aid in managing and sometimes even speeding up the healing process. Plus, as we all know, pools provide a great exercise venue.

People with chronic disease may find that swimming in a pool can provide relief, creating a safe effective way to exercise. They may even experience a decrease in joint pain. Those suffering from arthritis will benefit from the pool water’s buoyancy and may find improvement in joint use without worsening symptoms.

Swimming can also improve mental health; it has shown to improve mood in men and women. Pregnant women and their unborn children may experience improved health as a result of “water-based” exercise in a pool. Swimming can have a positive impact on Mom’s mental health as well. Parents with children with developmental disabilities may find that swimming improves family connections – everyone in the family can relax and enjoy swimming in a pool!

Older adults can enjoy numerous benefits from water-based exercise in a pool. It can improve quality of life, providing a safe, effective way to exercise and stay healthy, decreasing disabilities that can occur to “older bodies”. When older adults benefit from the social exchange that occurs when they participate group water-based, exercise programs. Swimming can also improve and benefit the bone health of post-menopausal women.

Exercising in a pool offers numerous mental and physical benefits and provides ample and effective opportunity for people of all ages and to improve health and maintain an active lifestyle. Always check first with your physician to make sure that soaking and exercising in a pool is right for you.

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