Hot Tub Certification Service (For the Tub You’re Leaving Behind)

Hot Tub Certification Service (For the Tub You’re Leaving Behind)

Are you moving and leaving your hot tub behind when you sell your home?

Our hot tub warranty is valid only with the original owner, but we offer a “New Owner’s Certification™. It’s a clean bill of health so to speak, to enhance the peace of mind of your hot tub’s next owner. It works like this: If your hot tub is still under warranty before you sell it, request a pre-warranty checkup. After the checkup we’ll mail you a “New Owner’s Certification TM” that the hot tub was completely checked out and any needed work done. If your hot tub is out of warranty, request a “New Owner’s Certification TM” checkup. In the rare occasion that not everything is up to snuff, we’ll identify any parts that might need attention, and, with your approval, repair or replace them at our regular service rates. The “Certification” would state that everything was checked out, and that all is okay, or note any exceptions, which we would fix at a given cost, good for the next 90 days. NOTE: Available only in our regular sales and service area, within 25 miles of our stores.

To schedule this service, contact:

Virginia : Shamiqua “Meeka” Bacon

North Carolina: Todd Liston