If you are a new pool owner and need help choosing the right pool water care and maintenance approach or are an existing pool owner looking for a better system, come see us. Great Atlantic is your BioGuard Pool Solution Center and will have you in clean, clear and sparkling water in no time!

There are 3 basic approaches to pool water care (chlorine based, chlorine free and salt chlorination) and all are designed to help keep your water clean, sparkling and balanced. No matter which BioGuard system you choose, each is composed of products designed to kill bacteria, destroy contaminants and prevent algae growth.

So, it’s simply a matter of choosing the option that will work best for your pool and your lifestyle.

Stop by one of our stores with a water sample and we’ll quickly analyze  your water using BioGuard’s ALEX computerized water analysis system. With a printed analysis of your water results in hand, our trained staff can tell you how to properly treat your water and the specific products you’ll need.