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You Can Have It All When You Buy A Swim Spa

The old adage “you can’t have your cake and eat it too” suggests that in life you just can’t have it all. In at least one case, we know that it’s not true. When it comes to swim spas from Great Atlantic Hot Tubs, Pools & Saunas, you can have it all. When you buy a swim spa, you get a pool, hot tub and aquatic fitness center all rolled into one. A swim spa is one piece fiberglass reinforced acrylic mini-pool. It’s designed so that you can swim, jog, exercise or play in it. Because it’s smaller than a traditional in ground pool, swim spas needs less space, takes less time to maintain, and uses less energy to heat and operate. It’s a great product to have for family fun and fitness at an affordable price that you can use year-round, and at Great Atlantic, we can’t wait to help you select the right swim spa model for you. The Endless Pool Fitness Systems at Great Atlantic are a great choice for many reasons. In addition to having several sizes and features to select from, you’ll get:

A Great Swimming Experience

  • A wide, deep swimming channel that is free of obstructions (such as steps or benches)
  • Smooth, turbulent free water when swimming
  • No back splash
  • Swim lane marker to guide swimmers and keep them centered in the swim lane
  • Models designed for the everyday athlete as well as the serious swimmer
  • Customizable Swim Current (selected models)

Other Options for Low Impact Exercise

  • Underwater treadmill for low impact running and walking
  • Full body workouts with rowing bars and resistance bands

Post Workout Hydrotherapy On Demand

  • Four hydrotherapy jet types combined in three different configurations delivers a post
    workout relaxation experience

An Energy Efficient and Earth Friendly Product

  • Engineered for maximum performance and energy efficiency with Endless Pool’s Expanded Polystyrene foam insulation, a highly reflective film barrier and efficient water filtration systems.
  • Meets or exceeds energy efficiency standards defined by the California Energy Commission.

Low Maintenance

  • Water Management Purification System that features Ultaviolet C (UVC) and eco-friendly CD Ozone to neutralize contaminants.

A Swim Spa Built To Last That's Backed by the Manufacturer

  • Ten Year Worry-Free Structural Warranty (10 years on the shell structure and 7 years on the shell surface). 5-year warranty on plumbing, heater and cabinetry.

Great Looking Design

  • BMW Design Works inspired features and LED lighting.


Lots of customization options including:

  • Bluetooth Enabled Sound System
  • Underwater Mirrors to monitor your form while swimming
  • Pace Displays for easy ready of the swim current pace and /or treadmill speed during exercise
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Endless Pools Swim Spas

The Endless Pools Fitness Systems E500 combines the revolutionary Endless Pools Swim Machine with optional underwater treadmill, rowing, strength-training exercises and relaxing hydrotherapy. Owners of the Endless Pools Fitness Systems will have a fully functional home wellness system that they can be proud to have as a centerpiece of their backyard.

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SwimCross Exercise Systems

The SwimCross Exercise Systems by Endless Pools model X200 introduces a jetted swim option at an exceptional value. SwimCross Exercise Systems stand out from other jetted options because the five same jets are air-free and produce a less turbulent current that the typical jetted swim spa. From the novice to expert swimmers, all will enjoy the systems’ five output levels, as well as the workout options of rowing, resistance exercise and relaxing hydrotherapy that ae also available.

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Swim Spa Accessories

Swim Spa Accessories by Endless Pools include options that not only enhance the ownership experience, but also add advanced functionality to many aquatic workout routines. From the novice to expert swimmers, all will enjoy the workout options of rowing, resistance exercise, and relaxing hydrotherapy with options for music and other technological upgrades.