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Owning a swim spa is a great way to combine the benefits of family fun, exercise and hydrotherapy in one product that you can use year round. Think of a swim spa as a miniature pool that also features contoured seating with hydrotherapy jets. It allows you to swim in place, continuously, against an adjustable resistant water current. You can swim every day of the year. Or soak every day. Or both. It’s your choice. 

Because it represents an investment in your family’s health and well being, you’ll want to understand what’s important in choosing a swim spa brand and model. That’s where our Great Atlantic Hot Tubs, Pools & Saunas team can help. We’ll help you compare the options and see why a Hydropool swim spa should be your swim spa of choice. Here are some things you’ll want to think about:

Where Will the Swim Spa Be Installed?

Will your swim spa be installed inside or outside? Did you know that a swim spa can be placed fully above ground, partially in ground or fully in ground? It’s your choice. Swim spas placed above ground come with a finished cabinet and will need a level concrete surface. They have the advantage of being less expensive to install and are move-able in the event you leave the home that you are in. For aesthetic purposes you may prefer an in ground or partially in ground swim spa, both of which would need some type of decking to complete the installation. And, if you want the swim spa to be placed inside a sun room, garage or another type of structure, you’ll need to make sure that you have the proper ventilation. Whether inside or outside, the amount of space you have available may be a consideration.

What Swim Spa Size and Model Works Best

Think about how you and your family use the product? Is the swim spa going to be used only for exercise by a recreational swimmer or by an advanced swimmer or serious fitness buff? Will the swim spa be used by children for recreational purposes or perhaps learning how to swim? Do you want to take advantage of the hydrotherapy benefits of a swim spa? If yes, how many soakers will you have at one time? Thinking about all of the intended uses of the swim spa will help you narrow down your choices as you look at the features of different brands and models. For example, the adjustability of the jets and power of the swim current will greatly affect the quality of the swimming experience. And, if you want to be able to soak with a loved one, you’ll want to choose a model that has 2 seats rather than one. If you expect several people using the swim spa at the same time, a larger model may suit you better.

How is the Swim Spa Constructed and What are the Maintenance Requirements and Operating Costs?

There are differences in the way swim spas are built that can affect their energy efficiency and how easy it is to maintain them. Take the time to find out what the manufacturer has done to keep operating costs and maintenance requirements to a minimum. For example, Hydropool’s Exclusive Self Cleaning System cleanses 100% of the water every 40 minutes, which means the swim spa doesn’t have to be operating as long to filter the same amount of water as other spas. That means lower operating costs for you.

What is the Warranty that with the Swim Spa?

Learn about the manufacturer’s warranty and what is included, as there are often differences in the components covered or the length of the warranty on them.

Try Before You Buy

Wherever possible, you’ll want to try out the swim spa before purchasing it. See for yourself the strength of the swim current and if the swim spa is designed without obstacles like steps or benches (that can impede your swim stroke), the comfort of the seats and if the placement of the jets will provide you with a good hydrotherapy experience. So, are you ready to select the right swim spa for you? Come see us at Great Atlantic Hot Tubs, Pools & Saunas and we’ll have you in your perfect year round family get away in no time!