Stay cool (or warm) in your Hot Spring spa

It’s been a long day. Heck it’s been a long week. All week long there have been 90 degree plus temps outside with a daily heat index nearing or at 100 degrees. And all you want to do is dive in a cool pool and relax. Only one problem though – you don’t have a pool. You have a hot tub. It’s great and oh so relaxing. But in these summer temps, maybe it just isn’t what you had in mind. Well, we’ve got some great news for Hot Spring spa owners. Hot Spring has just introduced an exciting new system called the “CoolZone Hot Tub Cooling System”. You heard it – a cooling system for a hot tub.

In essence, the CoolZone system gives you a way to quickly cool your spa to as low as 60 degrees and then quickly heat it back up to 104 degrees. It is an innovative cooling/heating unit using heat pump technology to chill or heat your spa water. This means it is more efficient than traditional spa heater and can result in reduced monthly energy costs.

Looking to get more use of your Hot Spring spa or for a pool alternative? The CoolZone Hot Tub Cooling System might just be for you! It increases your spa’s versatility especially living in this hot summer climate. It’s great for grandparents, families or athletes looking for a cold therapy option. This new system expands how and when you can use your spa. Just turn on your CoolZone in the am and when you get home – joila! – your spa is cool and you can hop in, relax, escape the hot temps and the day’s stresses. What could be better than that!?

We’re excited about this latest innovation from Hot Spring and look forward to sharing it with you. And if you are new to Hot Spring spas, we can’t wait to share these fabulous hot tubs with you. Stop by one of our retail locations and let us show you the CoolZone system and our great selection of spas. Come see us!

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