Finnleo® Sauna by Saunatec® Ltd.

The benefits of heat bathing have been well documented. And, once you’ve experienced an authentic Finnleo sauna, steam bath or infrared heat therapy room you’ll be a convert.. Muscles relax. Aches fade away. Heart and circulation improve. Skin is renewed. Tension and discord slip into harmony. Body and soul are refreshed. Read more about the health benefits of sauna bathing.

At Great Atlantic, we are an exclusive dealer of Finnleo® saunas, the industry market leader with the most complete line of traditional and infrared saunas.

Today, Saunatec® Ltd has the largest and most advanced sauna heater and sauna room manufacturing plants in the world. In addition, with the most extensive research and development program of any sauna manufacturer , they are able to provide you with products that are innovative, yet true to the ancient traditions of sauna and steam bathing.

Sauna models range from entry level portable saunas to deluxe custom saunas with custom lighting, custom benching and multiple wood choices and styles. And as for sizes, there are saunas ranging in size from those suited for one to full 10-person models with variable seating. With both custom and standard enclosure options, you’re sure to find the model that is just right for your life.

Come visit one of our locations to see working sauna models on display.

Traditional Sauna

Settle into a Finnleo® Finnish Sauna and let its warmth go to work.


Far-Infrared Saunas

Deep heating therapy without high surface temperatures.


Custom InfraSaunas

Your features. Your Specs. Just the way you want them.