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Get A Custom, Built-In Look

New Cabinet Option Allows Partial-Recessed Installation

Partial Cabinet Features
This option addresses a common request from customers: “Can my Fitness System be installed partially-recessed?” While the answer has always been “yes,” this new design option offers a way to create a custom appearance that will enhance any backyard setting. The new factory-installed partial cabinet option is ideal for customers who want to install their Fitness Systems into patios, decks or other hardscape either for aesthetic or ease of entry reasons. It is available today for all Fitness Systems (E2000, E700, E500, X500, X200), in all color combinations.

Seamless, Custom Look
Above the ground, three sleek, contemporary cabinet panel boards are visible (including the perimeter light bar), to maintain the signature Endless Pools Fitness Systems style. For E-series models, 24” of cabinet is visible, while X-Series models display 22” of cabinet.
Below ground, the recessed substrate is made of durable High Density Polyethylene, or HDPE. It’s specifically designed to be water-resistant, and withstand environmental elements. All seams are sealed. The HDPE
panels are recessed ½” from the top of the exterior cabinet panels. This creates a lip where the cabinet aligns seamlessly with any hardscape.