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Swim Spa Great Atlantic

June 4, 2013

With the summer season fully upon us, now is the perfect time for a reminder about summertime safety with the use of your pool, swim spa and/or hot tub. None of us need to be reminded that accidents can happen in the blink of an eye; your awareness of the following safety tips will help you avoid accidents and keep your summer activities fun and enjoyable!

Freeflow Spa Award

FreeFlow Spas recently announced its 2012 Dealer Awards and Great Atlantic Spas of Virginia Beach was named the 2012 Innovative Excellence Award. A company spokesperson noted that “this award is not given every year, but Great Atlantic’s willingness to think outside the box and share new and creative ideas has helped Freeflow Spas get a lot of people into hot water…in a good way!

Great Atlantic Pools

May 1, 2013

It’s that time once again – time to prepare for another beautiful Hampton Roads summer. If you’re a pool owner, we’ve got the magic pool opening formula to help you bring in the summer season with ease. Here are the basic steps to starting off your summer right: