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While the warm weather is here and we may be inclined towards the beach and pool, this doesn’t mean you have to set aside hot tub soaking for cooler weather. Your hot tub is a year round health, leisure and lifestyle “tool” and we’ve got some useful hints to keep it your year-round relaxation “friend”:

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Eighth Consecutive Award for Hot Spring®

It’s time to get your pool ready for summer fun in the sun! Here’s Great Atlantic’s basic checklist for opening your pool so you can enjoy it without worry:

Yipee! It is spring! Time for rebirth and renewal. And that time of year where we clean out, brush off and discard what isn’t being used and get ready for the warmer months. We clean out the closets, the “infamous messy drawer”, get the carpets shampooed and do the big sweep of the garage accompanied by the annual yard sale.

Hot tub + meditation = a healthy heart!

Did you know that meditation has been proven to improve heart health? Well – it’s true. According to the American Heart Association and WebMD, you can lower your risk of developing cardiovascular disease by taking a few minutes (or longer) everyday to relax and let go of all the day’s stresses. “Think of it as a 20 or 30-minute vacation from the stress in your life,” said Richard A.

Keeping the “heart” in your relationships

The month of February and Valentine’s Day serve as reminders of what matters – those special relationships in our lives. It is a time to take pause and consider those who matter most. Are you spending as much time as you’d like? Well, it doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are some simple and easy ways you can “spice up” that special relationship and recommit to the one you love:

Resolution To A Healthier Lifestyle

The occurrence of each New Year tends to bring about thoughts of resolutions – how to be a better person – stick to that diet and exercise program, live a healthier lifestyle, make more time for the people, activities and things that you love.

For just one minute, think back to the typical work/life day – the pulls and the pushes, the ups and the downs, the ins and outs. At the end of the day these daily dynamics can take their physical and mental/emotional toll.

Hot Tubs at Great AtlanticWe don’t often think of the fall and winter seasons as the time for relaxation – that was summer, right? Yet, why limit yourself to a couple of months of the year for relaxation? In truth, relaxation is a year-round “activity”.