covana gazebo

Covana Gazebo

Meet the Covana, an insulated and automated all in one hot tub cover and gazebo that raises and lowers with the turn of a key.

hot tub cover lifter


There are many cover lifter devices available. Your selection will depend on how much room you have on the back side of the spa for the lifter to fold down.

spa side accessories

Spa Side Accessories

Many spa owners prefer the additional convenience of multiple spa steps, ease-of-entry lighted hand rails, spa side umbrellas and spa drink trays.

Hot Tub Lift

Accessibility Lifts

Occasionally a family member may require an assisted manner of getting into and out of the hot tub. Great Atlantic is a Certified Accessibility Specialist center under the ADA guidelines.

Hot Tub Lift


With this innovative new service, your Hot Spring dealer can provide an exclusive monitoring option, ideal for spa owners who are on the go or have a spa at a second home.